Volunteer with ACT-W

Join the ACT-W Family!

ACT-W conferences run on the energy of our volunteers who care about empowering women and supporters in technology.

Why Volunteer with ACT-W?

Ticket costs for ACT-W Conferences are kept low in order to minimize barriers for all while also helping ChickTech: Seattle support local youth programming efforts. Volunteering with ACT-W is a fantastic opportunity to help us keep the conference accessible to all and give back to your community, all while participating in the conference activities!

Volunteers not only get to be part of bringing this incredible tech-centric event to their community, but receive free access to the conference when not on their volunteer shift.

We welcome people of all genders, ages, backgrounds, and levels of technical to sign up as a volunteer.

What Volunteer Opportunities are Available?

There are many volunteer roles available for you to help make this conference a success. Time commitments for day-of event volunteers generally range from one to three shifts, with three hours per shift. A minimum of 1 shift is required, plus attendance at the one to two hour pre-event orientation.

Day-Of Event General Support Volunteer – You’ll assist with setup, registration support, guest check-in, gift bag prep, handing out materials, giving directions, ticketing, and general event support tasks. Please note, volunteers are assigned to specific duties upon arriving onsite. Time commitment: 3 hours per shift during event days. A minimum of 1 shift is required, plus a one-hour pre-event orientation.

Day-Of Event “Ask Me” Ambassador These are sociable people who are experts on various areas of content: conference schedule content, happy hours, dinners, etc. All of the information they provide is to enhance the attendees’ experiences. They will also assist any overflow attendees by locating alternative sessions they can attend. They will also refer issues to problem solver volunteers or registration/information volunteers as needed.

Day-Of Event Registration/Information Booth Volunteer – These volunteers will locate registration packets and explain contents to attendees. Any registrations issues will be transferred to the load for resolution. They will also act as a source of information about the conference activities, directions and sessions. Volunteers will be required to stay at registration booth for the duration of their shift unless otherwise directed.

Day-Of Event Session Manager – These volunteers will act as liaisons to speakers during sessions and workshops. They will introduce speakers with a pre-written script, assist speakers with A/V issues, make sure water has been provided, act as a time-keeper for sessions/courses, act as room monitors to make sure rooms are not overcrowded, and collect presentations on a USB drive at the end of sessions and workshops. Volunteers will be required to stay in the session/course for the duration of their shift unless otherwise directed.

Day-Of Event Social Media Coordinator – These volunteers will be responsible for covering sessions on ChickTech’s social media channels during the event. They will make social media posts and take pictures during the session. Volunteers will coordinate with communications and social media leads to follow posting requirements.

Set up / Clean up Crew – These volunteers help set up and/or breakdown the conference area, sessions, workshops, career fair, breakfast, lunch. This includes moving chairs, tables, et. Must be able to lift 25 lbs.

Ready to sign up?

Interested in signing up for a volunteer position at ACT-W: Bay Area? Fill out the form below and let us know a little bit about you and what volunteer opportunities you’re interested in. We’re excited to meet you!